Tony Stories – Humorous Reflections of a Parent Raising a Son with Autism

I’m so happy as I’m sitting at the graduation ceremony, but then I make the mistake of looking over at my dad and he’s getting teary eyed. I know he’s thinking that my mom should be here for this moment, but she passed away three years earlier. Nobody loved a good Tony story more than my mom. That’s when I lose it and the tears start to come and I cry and cry through the whole ceremony. Of course, we are sitting in the second row, so the faculty is sitting directly in front of us. The principal, the superintendent, the teachers are all there. I smile at them as the tears continue to stream down my face, slightly embarrassed, but I try to make the best of it. Even my daughter Tara, who is 15 and at the age where she thinks her mom is a total dork, tries to comfort me. She puts her arm around me and smiles. Tony is graduating today and we’re here to celebrate this wonderful boy. Read more.

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