A Goodbye, and a Hello

In September 2018, ConnectWC's board made the tough decision to close its door for good. However, it also decided to pass on its mission to a good friend, Valley Friendship Club (VFC). Valley Friendship Club has been in the community since 2010 and has a very strong base of support and involvement. Its website adopted the Resources section from ConnectWCs website, which is proof that connections, awareness and inclusion will continue to grow.

The founders and members of ConnectWC have a lot to be proud of. Effective immediately, all ConnectWC Resource related items should be directed to Valley Friendship Club. We encourage all ConnectWC members to be part of VFC. It is a fun group that is growing and making positive change in our community! The links below will bring you to the Valley Friendship Club website. Feel free to contact the organization via info@valleyfriendshipclub.org.

Thank you for your years of support!

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